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Consent to Establish for Expansion of the Industries/Projects

1. For expansion of the existing industrial units/projects falling under Red, Orange and Green Categories, the application shall be submitted for Consent to Establish under Water Act, 1974 and Air Act, 1981 through the on-line portal of the HEPC i.e. alongwith documents related to CTE for expansion projects as per checklist given in Annexure-V alongwith performance security as per the slab given at Annexure-VI and requisite NOC/CTE fee as prescribed by the Board which will be deposited on the online payment gateway of the HEPC, as per fees schedule available on the website of the Board i.e.

2. The performance security and CTE fees for expansion projects shall be charged based on the cost of the expansion project.

3. Inspection will not be carried out for processing the cases of CTE for Expansion of the industries/projects.

4. Period of CTE for expansion projects, shall be same as applicable for establishment of new units at the time of Ist CTE as well as renewal of CTE as prescribed in para no. 2.1 and 2.2 respectively.

5. The applications for grant of CTE for expansion of the projects/industries having investment more than Rs. 10 crore and involving CLU cases of more than 1 acre land, shall be dealt and decided by the Nodal Officer of the Board deputed with HEPC and for the projects/industries having investment upto Rs. 10 crore and change of land use (CLU) cases upto 1 acre in confirming zones, shall be dealt and decided by the concerned Regional Officers similar to the cases for 1st CTE.

6. The timelines and process for deciding the application for grant of CTE for expansion of the existing projects/industries, will be same as prescribed in procedure for grant of 1st CTE.

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