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Definition of Hazardous Waste as defined in HOWM Rules, 2016.

“Hazardous Waste” means any waste which by reason of characteristics such as physical, chemical, biological, reactive, toxic, flammable, explosive or corrosive, causes danger or is likely to cause danger to health or environment, whether alone or in contact with other wastes or substances, and shall include -

  • waste specified under column (3) of Schedule I of the Rules;
  • waste having equal to or more than the concentration limits specified for the constituents in class A and class B of Schedule II or any of the characteristics as specified in class C of Schedule II; and
  • wastes specified in Part A of Schedule III in respect of import or export of such wastes or the wastes not specified in Part A but exhibit hazardous characteristics specified in Part C of Schedule III;

Definition of Other Wastes as defined in HOWM Rules, 2016

“Other Wastes” means wastes specified in Part B and Part D of Schedule III for import or export and includes all such waste generated indigenously within the country;

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