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Procedure for obtaining authorization under
Hazardous and other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016.

Renewal of Authorization under H.W.M.

1.  Every occupier of the facility who is engaged in handling, generation, collection, storage, packaging, transportation, use, treatment, processing, recycling, recovery, pre-processing, co-processing, utilization, offering for sale, transfer or disposal of the hazardous wastes and other wastes shall be required to make an application in Form 1 on the online portal of Haryana State Pollution Control Board i.e. or on the portal of HEPC i.e.

2.  No processing fee is required to be deposited for obtaining the authorization.

3.  Checklist of documents required for renewal of authorization, is given at Annexure-B

4.  The validity of authorization will be 5 years.

5.  The timelines and process for deciding the application for renewal of authorization will be same as prescribed in procedure for grant of 1st authorization.

6.  Inspection of the industry is carried out by the authorized officer/ officers of the Board after receipt of application for authorization, after getting approval from the Competent Authority, to check the status regarding installation of arrangements made by the unit at site for handling and management of Hazardous and Other Wastes and compliance of the conditions imposed in the previous authorization granting to the unit.

7.  In case the unit is involved in recycling/utilization of Hazardous wastes/other wastes, then the application in that case is submitted on hard copy separately for grant of specific authorization and passbook, to procure the raw material, for recycling/utilization of Hazardous wastes/other wastes. In such cases inspection is carried out by two officers of the Board i.e. Regional Officer and Concerned field officer and are forwarded to Head Office within 15 days and are decided presently at the level of Chairman.

8.  The authorization is renewed only for those units which are complying the requirements prescribed in the HOWM Rules, 2016 and procedure laid down their under and submitted all required documents.

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