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Policy Orders under Business Reforms Act, 2016 for Ease of Doing Business

Comprehensive Checklist for NOCs, Licenses, Registrations for setting up of industries

Policy for Auto Renewal of Consent to Establish, Consent to Operate and increase in Validity of Consent to Establish(CTE) under Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981

Categorization of Industrial Sector/Projects for the purpose of Consent Management under Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981

Performance Security for Green Category of Industries

Inspection Policy of the Board for the Industries

Amendment in Inspection Policy dated 24.02.2016 regarding periodicity for inspection / sampling of Industries / projects for mandatory inspection of green category of industries.

Procedure for Computerised allocation of Inspections of Industry/Project as per Inspection Policy issued vide order No. 5371-95 dated 24.02.2016-Policy of the Board for the Industries

Policy defining authority for according permission to the officers for Inspections of the Industries under various Environmental Laws

Delegation of powers to Regional Officers for grant/refusal of Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate under Water Act, 1974 and Air Act, 1981

Increase in the period of validity of Consent to Operate under Water Act, 1974 and Air Act, 1981

Time period to be followed by the officers of the Board to process the Applications for Consent to Establish & Consent to Operate under Water Act, 1974, Air Act, 1981 and for Authorization under Hazardous Waste (MH&TM) Rules, 2008

Orders regarding documents not to be uploaded manually on OCCMS by the Industries with respect to consent applications

Order regarding auto renewal of CTE/CTO to be followed for Green Category of Idustrial Sectors

Order regarding delegation of powers to ROs for cases of Green category of Industrial Sector

Order regarding validity period of Consent for Green category of Industrial Sectors

Order regarding mentioning the unique ID allotted to the industries/projects through OCMMS while submitting the cases to Head Office to ROs

Delegation of Powers under Bio Medical Waste Rules for grant of Authorisation

Prescribed Authoritity for release of Performance Securities

Procedure and report issued by CPCB on environmentally sound management of empty drums/ barrels/containers contaminated with Hazardous Chemicals/ Wastes

Office Order Regarding Applicability of Aravali Notification

Guidelines for Mineral Grinding Units

Office Order Regarding Applicability of Aravali Notification

Orders dated 27.05.2013 for the directions to the Poultry Farms & Hatcheries issued under Section 5 of Environment Protection Act, 1986 by Government of Haryana to address the problem of Pollution

Notice for the trader units listed in Schedule-III

Procedure regarding grant of Consent to Establish/Consent to Operate to      units located in Non-Conforming Areas- Orders dated 16.11.2012 and 17.04.2014

Proceedure Regarding Bank Guarantee being taken with the Consent to      Establish(NOC) application, performance security taken during extension of      Consent to Operate and Bank Guarantee being taken on failure of samples

Citizen Charter

Order dated 02.04.2012 regarding Forfeiture of Bank Guarantees

Order dated 21.06.2012 regarding Charging Bank Guarantee and NOC fee for expansion project

Proceedure Regarding Performance Guarantee dated 16.11.2012

Order dated 13.12.2012 regarding Forfeiting of performance securities- Corrigendum

Schedule of Fee regarding Consent to Establish(NOC)and Consent to Operate under Water and Air Acts for Mining Activities

Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate fee for Screening Plants

Appointment of Board Analyst

Procedure for Registration of Dismantlers/Recyclers of e-waste

Procedure for grant of time for upgradation/modification of existing pollution conrol devices and installation of Pollution Control Devices

Procedure/Policy for Consent along list of Red, Orange and Green Category of Industry

Procedure for grant of CTE/CTO cases of Ready Mix Concrete Plants (No. 267-286 Dated 24.12.2013).

Guidelines for grant of Registration under Plastic Waste (Management & Handling Rules, 2011 (No. 2341-50 Dated 31.10.2011)

Amended policy for consent management regarding Ready Mix Concrete Plants.

Procedure for Registration of Re-processors/Re-Cyclers of Hazardous Waste with HSPCB under Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2008

Amendment for sumission of Additional Documents & Procedure for obtaining Consent To Establish for the construction projects dated 03.09.2014

Amendment in the Categories of Project dated 03.09.2014

Amendment in the Consent Policy dated 03.09.2014

Action to be taken for the industrial units applied for renewal of Consent to Operate after 15.05.2014

Guidelines for Mineral Grinding Units

Policy Order for Bank Guarantee in Consent to Operate

Policy regarding grant of time for the Installation, Modification, Upgradation of Pollution Control Devices

Policy dated 12.05.2014 regarding submission of design scheme of ETP/APCM from Consultants approved from MoEF and CPCB for Large & Medium Scale Units/Projects

Policy for Comman Bio Medical Waste Treatment Facility

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