Renewal/Extension of Consent to Establish (CTE)

1. The units intending for auto renewal of their CTE from the Board, shall apply through online portal of HEPC at least 90 days prior to the date of expiry of the period of previous CTE, in prescribed Performa with declaration and undertaking as per Annexure-VIII alongwith the prescribed CTE/NOC fees and documents prescribed for extension of CTE as per checklist given in Annexure-V.
2. This application shall be submitted by the authorized official of the industry/project, duly authorized by the owner/board of directors / partners of the unit.
3. The consent to establish will be renewed on the basis of self certification only in those cases where there is no change in the raw material, process, product, increase in overall capital investment cost on land, building, plant and machinery, production capacity and also in pollution load of the unit and will remain the same as declared by the unit in its original application submitted earlier to the Board for obtaining first CTE.
4. The CTE will be renewed only once and for a period of maximum 02 years from the date of expiry of the period of first CTE granted subject to validity of EC if applicable.
5. The units where the CTE has earlier been granted as per provisions of policy notification dated 15.04.2014 and/ or extended upto the eligible period as prescribed in the said notification or less, those units will apply for renewal of CTE for remaining period as applicable as per provisions prescribed in this procedure in Para no. 2.1.5 plus another 02 years (Subject to validity of EC if applicable.
6. The facility for renewal of CTE can be availed for one term only subject to payment of requisite NOC/CTE fees. Such units will deposit requisite NOC/CTE fees for renewal of consent to establish only applicable for one time alongwith the application for auto renewal.
7. In case the unit fails to apply for renewal of CTE before 90 days of expiry of CTE and apply there after upto the date of expiry of CTE then 50% performance security deposited by the unit at the time of obtaining the first CTE, will be forfeited and such units will be required to deposit the forfeited amount of performance security along with application for renewal of CTE. In case of the units which fail to apply for renewal of CTE within the validity period of previous CTE, 100% performance security will be forfeited and direction will be issued to such units by the Board to stop the further construction and installation work of their project.
       The units which fail to apply for renewal of CTE within validity period of previous CTE, shall apply afresh along with all relevant documents, NOC/CTE fees and fresh performance security required for grant of fresh CTE with documentary proof that they have not done any work for construction or installation of machinery after expiry of validity period of CTE.
       Where ever it come to the notice of the Board at any stage that any unit, applied for extension of CTE or has been extended the CTE, has done any construction or machinery installation work after expiry of validity of CTE, legal action under the relevant provisions of Water Act, 1974 and/or Air Act, 1981 will be taken against such units in that case for such violation.
8. Inspection will not be carried out by the Board's officers for processing the applications for extension/renewal of CTE, except in the cases where any complaint or report has been received in the Board regarding any violation made by the unit.
9. Those units which have been granted CTE but do not want to continue the work for construction and installation of their project beyond the validity period of their CTE, shall submit an undertaking in this regard to the Board, at least 30 days prior to the date of expiry of previous CTE, on prescribed format given at Annexure IX, giving the detail about the status of their project constructed and established till the date of submission of such undertaking.
       Such units will not start the work for further construction/ installation of their project, without obtaining prior CTE for remaining work of establishment of their project and shall apply for extension as per policy, as and when it is intended to resume the remaining construction/installation work of this project, alongwith the required documents prescribed for extension of CTE, CTE/NOC fees as applicable and self declaration to the effect that they have not done any work at site or construction or installation of machinery after expiry of validity of previous CTE granted by the Board. In case any violation in this regard come to the notice of the Board at any stage then CTE will be refused/cancelled beside taking legal action.
       No fresh performance security will be required for such type of cases.
10. In case of building & construction projects or township and area development projects, where the validity period of license issued by Town & Country Planning Department expired after grant of CTE and applied for renewal/extension of CTE without renewal of such license, the CTE for such projects will be extended till the validity of Environmental Clearances of such projects, subject to submission of all required documents prescribed for renewal of CTE and subject to submission of proof regarding submission of their application to Town and Country Planning Department for renewal of their license, with one of the specific condition that the unit will not do any construction work of their project till the renewal of license from Town & Country Planning Department and the extension of CTE so granted will become null & void if such units fail to renew their license for their project from Town & Country Planning Department. The copy of extension of CTE so granted will also be forwarded to Director, Town & Country Planning Department for their information and necessary action.