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Haryana State Pollution Control Board
   हरियाणा राज्य प्रदूषण नियंत्रण बोर्ड
   Haryana State Pollution Control Board
Govt of Haryana

Performance Securities/Bank Guarantees

Sr No.




1 Order dated 20.06.2017 regarding Performance Security for Green Category of Industries Download Order issued on 20.06.2017
2 Order dated 24.06.2016 regarding prescribed Authority for release of Performance Securities Download Order issued on 24.06.2016
3 Order dated 13.12.2012 regarding Forfeiting of performance securities- Corrigendum Download Order issued on 13.12.2012
4 Order dated 16.11.2012 Procedure Regarding Performance Guarantee Download Order issued on 16.11.2012
5 Order dated 21.06.2012 regarding Charging Bank Guarantee and NOC fee for expansion project Download Order issued on 21.06.2012
6 Order dated 04.04.2012 regarding Policy Order for Bank Guarantee in Consent to Operate Download Order issued on 04.04.2012
7 Order dated 02.04.2012 regarding Forfeiture of Bank Guarantees Download Order issued on 02.04.2012