Haryana State Pollution Control Board
   हरियाणा राज्य प्रदूषण नियंत्रण बोर्ड
   Haryana State Pollution Control Board
Govt of Haryana

Grant of Consent under Water Act 1974 and Air Act 1981

· After first trial consent, the new units are required to obtain consent to operate and old units are required to obtain renewal of consent within the expiry period of all consents.

· All the units seeking regular consent to operate or renewal of consent are required to submit the Composite Application Form along with balance sheet duly certified by the C.A (without depreciation value), affidavit of no change of process & consent fee and sample testing fee etc along with checklist of documents & cess return to the concerned RO. or H.O. as instructed.

Extension of Consent Period:- The Board from the year 2000 , with a view to help the industry has announced a scheme of extension of consent for further period for those units which had abide by Environment laws in previous years both under Water and Air Acts and also applied for extension of consent on or before announced date. The consent for the subsequent year would automatically be extended in all such cases on submission of simple application along with required consent sample testing fees.

In case of extension cases the sampling would be done after or before the grant of consent.
Units applying for consent after prescribed date will be required to deposit charges of three times samples in addition to action under the Water & Air Act.

All units working without taking NOC or applying for consent are liable for action under Water and Air Act without any notice.

· Total period of grant of consent ( including the extension period ) has been given as under:
Sr.No Category Period of Consent UpTo
1 Stone Crushers & Hot Mix Plants 1 Year
2 17 categories of large & medium 2 Years . SSI units
3 19 categories of large & medium 5 Years . & SSI units.
4 Other Large & Medium Units & Additional 5 Years
Polluting Industries .
5 Industries having no trade effluent or air , 10 Years . emission.
6 Brick Kilns 10 Years

· The Unit is required to deposit Consent fee and Testing Fee for the period of Application.

· The Unit shall apply for Consent to the concerned RO by the date as given by the Head Office or one month before the expiry of current Consent.

· There will be no need to submit the analysis for small boilers having capacity up to 2 tones/hour of steam generated where LDO/HSD is used as fuel provided the unit has minimum stack height of 9 meters.

· The Ambient Air Quality report is required only in case of Large & Medium units of 17 categories of industries or where the specific complaint is received.

· Units using water for cooling need not submit test report.

· In case there is 25% or more increase in trade effluent discharge quantity as compared to previous year, the unit is required to deposit fees as a fresh consent case.

· In case the industry is found non complying even after grant of consent the Board shall be at liberty to revoke/withdraw the consent to operate already issued & to take legal action under the provisions of the Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act 1974, Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act 1981 or Environment Protection act 1986 as considered appropriate.

· In case the Board refuse Consent under Water and Air Act, then the industry is at liberty to file appeal before the prescribed authority on the prescribed form along with Appeal fee.

· The following is the CHECK LIST for consent application.

1 Name of the Unit ______________________________________________

2 Composite Application Form || Yes No

3 Index Site Plan || Yes No

4 Detailed layout of differences processes showing . position of stacks/points of waste discharge. || Yes No

5 Certified copy of balance sheet || Yes No

6 Process flow chart || Yes No

7 Latest analysis report/ testing fee || Yes No

8 Detail of ETP/APCM existing & proposed || Yes No

9 Proof of Authorized signatory || Yes No

10 Consent fee Rs. DDNo Date || Yes No

11 Affidavit for no change in process for no trade || Yes No . effluent/ no air emission.

12 Sanction letter of sewer connection to be submitted . in specific cases where the complaints or objections . raised by concerned department or the public. || Yes No

13 Sanction letter from the irrigation Deptt. for discharging effluent in Drain/river/water body (17 & 19 categories of industries discharging there effluent Directly./indirectly into water bodies/canals/rivers) || Yes No NA

14 Memorandum of Article/ partnership deed of the firm. || Yes No


1 All documents required in duplicate duly tagged in separate file cover
2 Incomplete application will not be accepted.
3 Bank Drafts drawn in favour of Haryana State Pollution Control Board . Payable at Panchkula.
4 All the papers must be duly signed by authorized signatory.