Ghaggar Action Plan

Sr No. Description Reference Remarks
1. Proceedings of Meetings of Executive Committe for ensuring compliance to Hon'ble NGT order dated 07.08.2018 in the matter of O.A. No. 138/2016 and O.A. No. 139/2016 View Updated on 13.09.2019
2. Monthly ATR of District Level Task Force (Ghaggar). View
3. Quarterly ATR of State Level Task Force (Ghaggar). View
4. Water consumption and waste water generation by the Industries discharging directly or indirectly into river Ghaggar View Updated on 20.08.2019
5. Monthly Progress Report by State of Haryana regarding Ghaggar Action Plan for the month of Jan - 2020 in the matter of OA No. 673/ 2018 dated 06.12.2019 Download Updated on 26.02.2020
6. Ghaggar Action Plan - January 2019 Download January 2019
7. Ghaggar Action Plan - December 2018. Download December 2018
8. Minutes of the meeting held at 1600 Hrs on 22.11.2018 under the Chairmanship of Sh. D S Dhesi, IAS, Chief Secretary, Haryana regarding finalization of action plans for rivers of Yamuna and Ghaggar. Download 22.11.2018
9. Order dated 29.08.2018 regarding constitution of Special Task Force as per Hon'ble NGT Order dated 07.08.2018 in matter of O.A No. 138/139 of 2016 Stench Grips Mansa's Sacred Ghaggar River Download MoM 29.08.2018
10. Hon'ble NGT Order dated 07.08.2018 with OA No. 138/2016 & OA No. 139/2016 Download Order dated 07.08.2018